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  • Your username is your first name (as entered in the college system) followed by the last five (5) digits of your student ID number (lowercase with no spaces). For example, if your name is John Doe and your student ID number is 0123456, your username would be: john23456.


  • Your initial password is Ҵý# followed by the last 6 digits of your social security number. The Ҵý must be capitalized.
    EXAMPLE: Social security number: 000-11-1111 PASSWORD: Ҵý#111111
  • Note: If you do not have a social security number, your initial password is Ҵý# followed by the entire seven digits of your student ID number (ID numbers are 7 digits, so be sure to include any leading zeros). The Ҵý must be capitalized.
    EXAMPLE: student ID number: 0000123 PASSWORD: Ҵý#0000123
  • Ҵý recommends students . It is not ever recommended to keep any part of your social security number in your password.
  • Forgot your Ҵý password but know your username? Use the . 

Update your contact information anytime by going to . Go to Services for Students and then to User Account.

If you need additional assistance, contact the Ҵý Helpdesk.

Check your Ҵý email

Check your regularly for important information about your classes, financial aid, college announcements, and much more. 

Access your student email through under "My Office."

Prepare for classes

View the to stay on top of important dates.

Check out the services that can help you succeed.

If you have questions or need assistance with your scheduled classes, . Your advisor's contact information can be found by viewing full profile in student planner. If you do not have an advisor assigned, contact Phone Central at 308-398-7412.

Online Student Information

  • Online Success - Students taking online classes have a greater responsibility for their own success than students in traditional classroom settings. Successful online learners are self-motivated and self-disciplined. 
  • Test Proctor Sites/Contacts
Complete the FAFSA

 (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at any time after October 1 for the upcoming school year. To qualify for maximum funding complete the FAFSA by April 1.

  • (Ҵý’s FAFSA code is 014468)
  • Write down your FAFSA ID, password, and save key

Scholarships are also available. 

Request accommodations, if needed

Did you receive testing or other accommodations previously in school? Did you have an IEP or 504 plan while attending high school? Do you have a diagnosed disability, such as a medical or mental health condition or learning disability? Are you currently pregnant? If any of these questions apply to you, you may be eligible for accommodations while you’re attending Ҵý.

Disability Services

Pay your tuition and fees
Buy your textbooks

Access the to find out what books and materials are needed for your courses and to purchase them and other merchandise.

Learn about internet and technology options

and printing when you are on campus.

Get assistance with technology by contacting the Service Center at 308-398-7999 or visit the .

Course Technologies and Accessibility Information and Privacy Policies

Attend Canvas and Ҵý 101 Training

Canvas Training

Attend one of the Canvas Training Webinars or work through the Ҵý101 course located in your list of courses in your My Course link in Webcentral or the direct Canvas link in My Resources. 

Learn about Ҵý resources and the Learning Management Software, Canvas, to help you succeed. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Your security is our top priority. Ҵý is expanding a multi-factor authentication service to help prevent identity theft and malicious cyber activity on Ҵý’s network to students.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) means that your accounts and important information are locked behind something you know, such as a password, and something you have, such as your phone. With MFA, you enter a password when signing into Ҵý’s websites, which then prompts a response to your mobile or other devices.

Ҵý has implemented MFA to help secure your information and can be defined as the following:

  • Something you know – your ID and password
  • Something you have – your phone (mobile, office or home)

You will be required to complete the additional security features to access Ҵý services on any device. This is an additional security challenge to prove your identity and keep your data safe. This can be in the form of a phone call, text message, push notification, smartphone app or safe ID token key.

Registration Tips

  • Register your Android or iPhone via the Microsoft Authenticator app for the most flexible notification options, including push notifications, text messages, phone calls or to generate one-time passcodes.
  • Register the phone number that you normally have with you at work, when travelling or at home. This will be your primary phone that will receive authentication notifications.
  • You will need your phone and computer to register.
  • It is a good idea to register another phone in case your primary phone is unavailable.

You should set one or more of these methods up now in case you do not have access to your primary method.

Please find additional information below to go along with the items stated above.


To register for your MFA, click .

During the registration process, you will be directed to a Microsoft Sign in page. Enter your full Ҵý email address (i.e. as shown below:

You will be asked to set up an additional authentication method, which can be done by:

  • Phone call
    • The most direct is the Push MFA Authentication setup, which does require a smartphone. This method involves installing the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone. After finishing setup, MFA is prompted through notifications or directly through the app. This is the ONLY approved Authenticator app you will use. It is available from both the Google Play store and Apple App Store. This allows you to approve the log in with a simple tap and face ID or biometrics of your device.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store - MFA App

Apple App Store

If you choose the authenticator method, you will have to provide an additional phone number in case you lose access to the app. Until you do, you will not be able to hit the save button.

    • Password + SMS is the least secure method for MFA and should only be used if you do not choose to install the application on your mobile device. This method will require a code sent by text message to be entered after logging in with your username and password. Please ensure your mobile phone information is up to date before enrolling in this method
  • Security Token Fob
    • The security token fob is a physical device pre-programmed with a randomly changing ID used in the verification process. The ID changes every 60 seconds. Use this method if you do not have a Smartphone or a cell phone. The college can provide this device to you by calling the Service Center and creating a ServiceNow ticket.

If you need additional assistance, please take a look at the following resources:

Personal Device, Tablet or Smartphone

Newly adding your account to Personal Devices:

  • Students adding E-mail to their personal mobile devices after MFA has been turned on will have to choose Office365 as account type and then sign in and register/provide the MFA prompt.

Already Receiving Your College Email on Your Personal Devices (Android and iOS)?

  • Students using the Outlook App on their mobile (Android) devices will have to sign-in again when requested by the Outlook app via a pop-up and complete the MFA prompt.

  • Students using the Native Email app that is preloaded on Android devices will get a prompt to update the security settings and should click activate this will go through MFA signup/registration or the prompt to provide MFA verification to sign in.

  • Students using the Outlook App on their mobile (Apple) devices will have to sign-in again when requested by the Outlook app via a pop-up and complete the MFA prompt.

  • Students using the Native Email app that is preloaded on Apple devices will get a prompt to update the security settings and should click “Sign-In” this will go through MFA signup/registration or the prompt to provide MFA verification to sign in.

Please call the IT service desk if you need additional assistance at 308-398-7999.

First Week

Be informed

Review the Student Handbook and Student Policies and Procedures to understand your rights and responsibilities as a student. 

Get connected
  • Access information and details for each class in  
  • Explore all the services available to you to help you succeed at Ҵý.
  • Explore the Student Organizations to become part of the Ҵý community.
  • View Ҵý .
Download the Ҵý mobile app

The Ҵý mobile application can be downloaded to your iOS or Android device via the App Store or Play Store.

  • iOS devices, click .
  • Android devices, click .

Second Week and Beyond

Get involved

Connect with Student Organizations to learn about ways to get involved on-campus in addition to taking classes.

Find support
Apply for scholarships and FAFSA annually

Stay informed of available scholarship deadlines.